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Corporate Tax (T2)

"It is not about what you make, it is about what you keep that matters"

For a typical owner-managed Canadian corporation, our services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Filing of corporate federal T2 Tax return including the attachments
  • Filing of a provincial tax return including the attachments
  • Income tax planning for optimal distribution of income.
  • Preparation of associated T4 /T4A, T5, ROE for your business
  • Filing associated GST/HST, PST return
  • Coordination with individual filings

We also help you with: 

  •  Business Registration and planning services.
  • Incorporate your business.

We provide NUANS report service. Federal and Provincial Incorporation, Provincial name registration, CRA business number, CRA GST/HST & Payroll, WSIB

  • Attaining or canceling your Business Number and all relevant accounts
  • Closing up your business
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